Gastao Cristofani

Live Dreams

Brazilian painter, Gastao Cristofan was born in 1964. He has been recognized by several art critics and has had exhibits at the House of Culture for both the private and public sectors of Ribeirão Preto and also in the city of Sāo Paulo capital. Today he lives in Tadworth, England.

"As a grandchild of Italian immigrants, I honed my craft by enrolling myself in numerous drawing courses and by creating portraits of different people. Several years later, I became interested in oil and acrylic painting on various types of canvass, such as screen and panel. One day, I decided to create my fifth work by using ink oil on a screen canvas. With help from an art teacher in Ribeirão Preto, I won a Certificate of Painting Academic from the Commercial Association of Sao Paulo Brazil which greatly delighted me."

Lights Live Inside the Darkness
Plasmas in Action
Power Universe
Center of Life

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