George Barecca

"I have been drawing since kindergarten learning the use of color in my higher education. My work has evolved to cover wide a variety of subjects with the intention of not creating a perfect representation but to render the ordinary sublime."

Suffering from Spasms of Lucidity - Oil on canvas 54 x 46 in.

“At the beginning of my painting career, I was involved with creating organic abstract paintings. I wanted to imbue them with the sense of natural lighting. So, I decided the best way to improve my technical prowess was by painting in a representational manner which gave me an accurate rule against which to measure my development. I became enamored and decided to dwell in this genre while retaining an abstract painter's eye in my approach.

I endeavor to express those fleeting moments when a curtain seems to briefly be pulled from our eyes and a sense of wonder stirs our belief in more than everyday existence. The edges are not always defined, the paint is loose but controlled. It is a style that renders my vision of the world and what may lie beneath it. With a healthy dose of playfulness, steeped in a strong brew of color, the work has taken on a sensuous dreamlike quality.

Many of my compositions are built on a matrix of multiples which has a unifying effect on the diversity of subject matter. The image of multitudes stretches across a surface inferring an infinite expanse beyond its borders. A thin veneer of self-generated meaning stretched over an ocean of nothingness.”

Above the Plimsoll Line - Oil on canvas 62 x 36 in.
A Thin Veneer of Self-Generated Meaning Over an Ocean of Nothingness - Oil on canvas 14 x 14 in.
Disassmebled Ludibrium - Oil on canvas 54 x 30 in.
The Vital Flow - Oil on canvas 48 x 54 in.

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