Gerald Thompson

“I am drawn to the natural world in all of its intricate beauty. My mission is to combine the best of abstract and representational techniques to create a unique result. Subjects range from gossamer nebulas floating in a vast universe to skylight reflected from a mountain stream.”


Mount Shasta - Oil, 61 x 76 cm - €730

Gerald Thompson, an American painter, discovered his passion for art at a young age. At 16, inspired by the artistic environment of his childhood home where family members created paintings, he declared himself an artist after completing "Which Road?", a pen and ink drawing in 1967.

Following his artistic calling, Thompson pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from UC Riverside in 1974. His journey took a transformative turn when he served as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching Chemistry in Kenya from 1976 to 1978. Immersed in the African landscape, his watercolor skills flourished as he captured the vibrancy of his surroundings. After completing his assignment, he embarked on an around-the-world trip through Asia before settling in San Francisco.

Driven by his newfound passion for art, Thompson studied Illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco while working as an analytical chemist. Despite his dual pursuits, his commitment to Chemistry remained steadfast, culminating in a Master's degree from San Francisco State University in 1988. Over the next 24 years, he contributed to the fields of analytical chemistry and computer software.

In 2013, Thompson retired, prompted by his wife Winnie's suggestion to build an art studio for their shared creative endeavors. Today, they embrace their artistic paths together, with Thompson focusing on refining his observational skills. His artwork often navigates the intersection of abstract and representational art, distinguished by his ability to infuse abstract concepts with a distinctive quality.

Thompson's artistic journey reflects a lifelong dedication to blending scientific rigor with creative expression, shaping his unique contribution to the art world.

James Webb Wonders - Oil, 76 x 102 cm - €1,180
Mighty Butte - Oil, 41 x 51 cm - €440
Tropical Heat - Oil, 76 x 102 cm - €1,180
Afternoon Virga - Oil, 61 x 91 cm - €840

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