Gerd Zimmermann

Gerd Zimmermann feels connected to well-known painters, according to Josef Albers (German painter, art theorist and pedagogue), who said: “All art is or was modern, challenging and new in its time, pointing to the constant change in seeing and feeling." Zimmerman essentially follows this point of view.

... in Gedanken - Lock down for ever? - Oil and acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm

If Gerd Zimmerman's pictures appear concrete, representational and direct at the beginning, then on further discussion one recognizes complexity that refuses to be quickly deciphered. Zimmermann's range is wide and he does not just focus on one topic, medium or technique. He received his training by studying at the FA School, Amsterdam, Osdorp. Artists like Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell shaped the school's foundations and advances.

Fonts, posters and set construction in commercial graphics were areas of working Zimmernman's early days. He worked for a Dutch company for many years with a parent company in Sweden. His intention remains "landscape painting", showing nature and technology in abstraction or in combination with collages or in the style of the North German realists, executed in oil or acrylic. New media, such as digital art, movable works of art, metal and canvas in connection with Epox, challenge not only him, but also the viewer. In 2010, Gerd participated in the summer painting weeks in Saxon, Switzerland in Bad Schandau. There he worked and hiked on the "Malerweg" of Caspar David Friedrich. In 2011, he participated in the  “Hungry Wolf” competition with Artists' Colony.

Discover More II - Acrylic-Pouring on canvas 50 x 40 cm
..cold Moonlit Night - Oil and acrylic with structure 70 x 70 cm
Red Dot Art I - Acrylic on canvas 50 x 50 cm
Discover More IV - Acrylic-Pouring on canvas 50 x 40 cm

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