“Get the Message Words and Images” Juried Exhibition 2020

“Get the Message Words and Images” Juried National Exhibition 2020
Arts Benicia, Benicia, California

Wisdom of the Ages in a Spring Wetland

“The cold is leaving my bones.

A stirring is seeping into my limbs as the water navigates the
verdant humus and downfall.
I laugh to myself thinking another year…

I look around at the young shoots that are bursting towards the sun.
Which one of those bold beginnings will be here when I have taken my last breath?

What do they want to learn in their haste towards the sky?

Do they notice the blackened scars on my torso?
Will they appreciate the deep lines in my face?
Will they lean into me for comfort or turn toward the light?

Which ones will give themselves up to the cleansing fires
that will forever
change the landscape?

Do they know they are there to house the young and the old,
To hold the birds in their arms and hide the squirrels stash of nuts
under their roots?
How will they feel when the bear scratches their skin looking for sustenance?

I will patiently wait for them to ask,

so much to learn, so much to give.”