"My abstract art is a visual representation of my unconscious mind, creativity, and personal association with colors. When I paint, I feel that the invisible becomes visible through the use of vibrant colors and different shapes, with no limit to what the final piece may express or evoke over time."

A symphony of two hearts (Triptych) - Acrylic Each panel: 100 x 50 cm

Giuseppina Graziano is a teacher, translator, and abstract artist, based in Melbourne. Born in Italy in 1983, she studied Foreign Languages in high school and pursued her studies in Interpreting and Translating at university. In 2010, Graziano commenced her teaching career in Australia, and later completed a GDTL as well as a Graduate Certificate in Education in TESOL. She can speak Italian, English, Spanish, French, and German. She has had an interest in and admiration for verbal and non-verbal communication since a young age and a passion for foreign languages, the history of art, philosophy, and music, which inspires her creativity and imagination. Giuseppina believes that any form of communication to be effective requires a deeper connection among those involved in the moment. 

Giuseppina is a self-taught abstract artist who unleashed her passion for painting as an adult during a proving time of her life. Since then, making art has become for her a solid and versatile tool to express inner states, personal association with colors, and practice mindfulness. Her work is influenced by Pollock's balanced and controlled chaos, Kandinsky's geometric forms, and Boccioni's idea of motion and dynamism. In her abstract paintings, she mainly uses palette knives to add texture, sponges to create sfumato, brushes, and other tools used to create lines and contrasting shapes. She chooses color shades based on her personal association of them with specific emotions, the inner world, or, at times, natural elements.

Giuseppina's paintings are primarily crowded with spontaneous and, at times, spasmodic paint strokes, lines, contrasting shapes, and paint splatters but are always melding harmoniously to create an aesthetic, energic, yet controlled artwork. Along with the superimposition of colors, her compositions express constant movement and rhythm and create an overall positive flow of energy that permeates the whole canvas and evokes an individual emotional response from the viewer.



- Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
- Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (GDTL)
- Master Master’s degree (with Honours) in Translation – Technical-Scientific and Literary Translation (from English and German into Italian)
- Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Translating and Interpreting for Special Purposes (from English and German into Italian)

Alegría - Acrylic 40 x 40 cm
Euphoria - Acrylic 71 x 101 cm
Summer dreams - Acrylic 50 x 50 cm
Enigma - Acrylic 60 x 76 cm

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