Gianfranco Pacini

" My manifesto and key to interpreting my works - the stecco used to rume the color is already painting. Stecco a humble tool, to create a work in harmony, as man is also called to achieve coexistence in harmony."

Panchine-sedili - To revive the installation spirit, Marina of Calambrone

From the volume: Pisan Etching of the 1900s by Nicola Micieli

“Pacini, poses a simple and at the same time radical concept, and therefore rich in scope: that the "stick" - the stick with which the colors are mixed in the cans - for the random deposits of the colors takes on a new aspect, it commutes in sign. The stick immersed in color is already painting. With this minimalist, apparently extemporaneous affirmation, Pacini formulates the principle of otherness on which the language is based, which in this way, becomes an instrument of access to a DIFFERENT knowledge of the world, to a possible intuitive unveiling of its mysteries. ... He imagined distant landscapes, marine expanses observed as a bird's eye view, and skies of suitable infinitude: in short, an ideal place, a dimension of the imaginary where to place in suspension their "sticks", their minimal intentions of painting, and in the intuitive immensity of the space they take on the appearance of filiform spaceships that come from a world of poetic revelation. He has exhibited almost everywhere in Italy and abroad, and whoever wanted to be interested in his work did so."

Virus - Acrylic and sticks on canvas 60 x 90 cm
Pensieri del mattino - Acrylic and sticks on image 30 x 40 cm
Colori del tramonto - Acrylic and sticks on image 12 x 18 cm
La costituzione ideale - Acrylic on canvas 70 x 80 cm

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