Giovanah Faraco

“I consider myself a creator who loves to make art, accepts creative challenges, and always tries new things. I have a tendency to seek ways to learn new skills and knowledge to better myself. I believe that art connects, art unites, art transforms, and art is unique.”

EVA - Mixed Media, 110 cm x 70 cm - €2,600

Giovanah Faraco, originally hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, has traversed continents, residing in Australia and Italy in recent years, dedicated to studying and refining her artistic skills. Currently based in Guimaraes, Portugal, Faraco is an enthusiastic artist boasting a diverse skill set encompassing photography, painting, and various hands-on techniques. Recognizing herself as a creator who thrives on artistic challenges and constantly explores new avenues, she has a penchant for acquiring new skills and knowledge to enhance her craft continually.

Faraco firmly believes in the universal potential for learning from everyone, irrespective of age or background. She sees art as a powerful force that connects, unites, transforms, and, especially in the realm of painting, possesses a unique ability to evoke countless emotions and sensations. For Faraco, the essence of art lies in its capacity to communicate without words or movement, providing a compelling reason for her to create—to touch viewers uniquely and convey her beliefs and emotions through her art.

ARETHA - Mixed Media, 85 cm x 85 cm - €3,500
AGATHA - Mixed Media, 155 cm x 90 cm - €3,500
KIREI - Mixed Media, 25 cm x 30 cm - €800
MORENA - Mixed Media, 120 cm x 100 cm - €2,600

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