Giselle Weegels

"My work is related to the cycle of life: Birth, death, love, joy, loss, grief, victory, sensations in nature. Often the bird is used as a metaphor. My view of the world changed from the outer (in paintings) to the inner world (sculptures). My view became more spiritual.”

The Sound of The Universe

Dutch artist, Giselle Weegels was born in 1951 in Valkenswaard. Giselle moved to Tilburg where she finished art studies at the Academie van Beeldende Vorming in 1973. She went on to study for one year in Florence (Italy).

"Although sculpture had my greatest interest at that time I studied painting in Accademia di Belli Arti, Italy. Then for a long time, I kept painting and also was a teacher. But from 2012, I am fully concentrated on sculpture in stone and bronze and worked with blind people in soft stones."

Giselle Weegels has shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

Metamorfose 74 /31/ 18
River of Life 34/35/14
The Magic of Words 50/33/16
Blossoming 40/38/17

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