Giuseppe Petrone

"My works are inspired by the great masters of the past. I search for uniqueness when choosing a subject for my paintings; I am attracted to peculiarity more than perfection. Two of the main themes of my paintings are torment and hope."

The Torment of the Muse - Soft Pastel on Paper 90 x 60 cm €5000

Giuseppe Petrone, an exceptionally talented painter and pastel artist known for his adeptness with the medium, creates realistic artworks that captivate viewers. Born in 1991, he specializes in dry pastel technique to express his artistic vision.

In 2018, Petrone achieved second place in the prestigious painting competition "Il sacrificio come riscatto" (Sacrifice as Redemption). His talent further shone in 2023, where he earned second place in the pastel category at the esteemed American Art Awards competition and clinched first place at the renowned "Festival dell'immagine" in Martina Franca.

Selected as the guest of honor for Italy at the biennial pastel exhibition in Oviedo, Spain, in spring 2024, Petrone continues to garner accolades. That same year, he triumphed with first place in the pastel category at the esteemed "Art Collectors Choice Awards" competition. Additionally, he was honored with the Pasit Super Prize at the international competition organized by Pasit Pastellisti Italiani in 2024.

Extinguished Sun - Soft Pastel on Paper 39 x 51 cm €3000
The Damned - Soft Pastel on Paper 62.5 x 49 cm €5000
As Long as I Live - Soft Pastel on Paper 100 x 70 cm €8000
The Soul Hopes - Soft Pastel on Paper 80 x 60 cm €6000

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