Glenna Mills

"My creative mind was like a starving dog. I grabbed whatever style I could and shook it until I was filled by the images that were released. I've worked in photography, film, sculpture, writing, and now, painting. My work is centered around our human expressions."

Lovers - Acrylic 34 x 24 in.

Born in 1943, Glenna Mills embarked on an eclectic and vibrant artistic journey that began in her college days. Initially setting out to study criminology, Glenna soon found herself captivated by the world of art. Her artistic endeavors started with photography and film, through which she crafted images that piqued her creative interests.

As Glenna's confidence in her artistic vision grew, she expanded her repertoire to include clay sculptures, reveling in the tactile process of molding and shaping. Alongside her visual arts practice, Glenna nurtured a love for writing and performing. She honed her skills in voiceover, contributing her talents to children's books, and studied scriptwriting, which led her to write plays.

Glenna's creative exploration took a significant turn when she began manipulating photographs—both those she had taken over the years and others collected during genealogical research for her mother. Driven by a desire to see these images on a grander scale, she transitioned into painting, transferring her reimagined photographs onto large canvases. This shift allowed her to delve deeper into color, story, and emotion, providing a larger surface to explore and express her artistic vision.

Bygone Days - Acrylic 40 x 60 in.
Preacher's Wife - Acrylic 24 x 33 in.
Ruby - Acrylic 43 x 56 in.
Moon Shot - Acrylic 24 x 33 in.

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