Gloria Keh

“Art is a spiritual practice for me and I paint 100% for charity. When one is blessed, this is one way one can contribute towards the community. I am not a religious person but believe in prayer-in-action. Through my art, I connect with my soul and with Spirit. My artworks are my painted prayers.”

Persona Three - Oil on canvas 30 x 24 in.

Born in 1952, in the Chinese year of the dragon, Gloria Keh began painting at a young age - her late father, the oil painter Martin Fu was her first art teacher. Gloria studied Mandala Art and Symbolism for over 10 years in Melbourne, Australia, and completed a short course in Art Therapy. In 2008, she founded Circles of Love, a non-profit charity outreach programme, raising funds through the sales of her art, in support of humanity.

She has participated in over 50 exhibitions both locally as well as internationally, e.g. New York Art Expo (2018), Shanghai Art Fair (2018) and in several biennales in Italy.  Her first overseas solo was held last year at the Gallery Steiner in Vienna, Austria. She has won 9 international art awards. Gloria lives in Singapore.

“Painting gives me the freedom that I seek. It is also my way of fulfilling my soul’s purpose. My credo is simple: I am peace, purpose, and art.”

SPIRIT OF THE MOUNTAIN II - Ink on canvas 39.5 x 39.5 in.
PURIFICATION - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 in.
Time & Space - Acrylic on canvas 24 x 48 in.
The Crucible - Acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 in.

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