Gordon Becker

"In my dance series of carved and constructed portrayals of living dance performers, I strive to capture the fleeting moment of dynamic aspiration to transcend the limits of the human body. As a tribute to these dancers, I push my own skills to the absolute limits of my own abilities."

Mirror Mirror XI Amy Coney Barret & Mahsa Amini .36 x 79 x 18 cm $CAD13,000

"My life as an artist began at age eleven when exposed to a film depicting the work of an Inuit carver in the Canadian far north. I began carving with small tools without any kind of instruction and was later accepted into the Ontario College of Art based on my portfolio submission. After completing two years of study, I was not comfortable with the direction of the school and set off to explore the world. I travelled and worked through Europe, the Canadian far north, Central America, the South Pacific and Australia for close to a decade.

Having experienced very hard labour, excitement, unexpected rewards, and ultimate terror at times, I was more than ready to have my say. While living in New Zealand, I took up my carving where I had left off before enrolling in art college. My efforts there culminated in being included in a group exhibition in The National Art Gallery of New Zealand.

Upon my return to Canada, I had the incredibly good fortune to find a master carver from Hungary who was willing to take me on as an apprentice. After four years of very hard work, he acknowledged that I had reached a level of skill where I could be called a master carver.

With the demise of the carving industry in Canada I had to move into another sphere of work. My skills gave me an entry into the film and television world, where I have been producing sculptures for the past thirty-five years. The financial security and flexibility of film work allowed me to take large blocks of time to create my own sculpture projects. I started exhibiting my work in 1986 and have had several hundred exhibitions since. In 2003 I was invited to the Biennale del Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy where I received the fourth place award in the sculpture category.. I was offered a teaching position with The Toronto District School Board in 2010 where I continue to teach carving and sculpture to this day. I am currently in the process of completing a very large sculpture project.”

Mirror Mirror XVI. Leni Riefenstahl & George Orwell. 36 x 79 x 18 cm $CAD13,000
Mirror Mirror XV Greta Thunberg & Rex Tillerson. 36 x 79 x 18 cm $CAD13,000
Mirror Mirror XII Child Soldier & Romeo Dallaire. 36 x 79 x 18 cm $CAD13,000
Mirror Mirror IV Canie Wenjack & Hayter Reed. 36 x 79 x 18 cm $CAD13,000
White Dancer - Basswood, red pine and hawthorn, 132 x 50 x 90 cm
Blue Dancer - Basswood red pine 160 x 122 x 96.5 cm
The Bow White - Maple poplar and yew wood, 170 x 82 x 50 cm
The Red Dancer - Basswood, red pine and yew wood 185.5 x 78.7 x 102 cm
African Dancer - White walnut, white pine and ebony 127 x 63.5 x 111.8 cm

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