Grady Zeeman

“The soul of an artist cannot be muted indefinitely. It must either be expressed, or it will consume the host.” - Gerard de Marigny

I Am Incredibly Grateful - Mixed media 29 x 39 x 1 in.

South African artist, Grady Zeeman has exhibited in South Africa, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, China, and India until recently owning the Kunstehuijs Art Gallery in South Africa. Grady holds degrees in Fashion Design by CPUT, South Africa, in Art Appreciation by The Art Institute and Certificate of Navigating Today's Art World by Sotheby's Institute of Art.

"Understanding the role of the modern female in society and how we can balance all our abilities to the greater good of humankind,  is of vital importance to me. By using myself as a model to work from in my latest range, forces me to be honest with what I see and who I am. Each painting I do is part of a deeply personal and emotional journey. They all express who I am, what I’ve struggled with and what I’ve conquered.  As I’m increasingly creating flow in my life, creating flow in my art is essential to me. The contrast between thin and bold areas, an expression of the multi-faceted woman I am. I believe that our greatest freedom comes after the words, I am……………"

I Am Loved - Mixed media 39 x 29 x 1 in.
I Am Beautiful - Mixed media 29 x 39 x 1 in.
I Am Approved Of - Mixed media 39 x 29 x 1 in.
I Am In The Presence Of Greatness - Oil 39 x 29 x 1 in.

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