Guan Yi

"The traces between the subjective and the objective, between the conscious and the unconscious, make me realize and have been thinking about the pursuit: Reality and surrealism, nature and humanity, divinity and greatness and the exciting, all of life's passwords."

Enlightenment2015-04-65330 - Paperboard acrylic color 195 x 95 cm

1965 Born in Shandong

1982 Studied in Shangdong University of Arts and Shangdong Norma University

1986 Graduated from Fine Arts Department of Heze University

1987 Taught in 5th Middle School of Zhongyuan Oil Field

1992 Engaged in the commercial culture and art activities

2006 Build own studio and lived in the No.9 Art Zone, Songzhuang


1988 Guanyi Solo Exhibition, Shangdong

2011 Guanyi Solo Exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing


1990 Modern Art Exhibition, the street of Zhongyuan Oil Field

2008 Abstract in Songzhuang, Beijing

Songzhuang Contemporary Arts Exhibition, No. 8 Art Zone, Beijing

Static by Static & Dynamic - Songzhuang Abstract Art Exhibition, Rainbow

Beach Museum of Art, Beijing

2009 2nd China Sanbao International Prints Exhibition, Jingdezhen

Ceramic Institute, Jingzhezhen

New Year Art Salon Exhibition, Gehua Culture Art Trading Center

2010 La Celeste Abstract Exhibion, La Celeste, Beijing

2011 GuanYi Painting Exhibition ,Sunshine International Art Museum

2011 History New Songzhuang Art Exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum

2012 Nei Kung Art Exhibition, Jingfeng Gallery, 798, Beijing

2012 The Paper first Art Exhibition, Jiuceng Art Museum

2013 Think of traces Art Exhibition, YiBing Space

2014 Out Of Image-Trace And Linearity SZ Art Center,Beijing

2015 Natura code-GuanYis spiritual paiting salon&solo exhibition, Landscape art gallery

2016 2016 Paper·Supremacy, The National Convention Center, Shanghai

2016 Transcending the Appearance 2016, 798 SZ Art Center

2016 ON PAPER SPACE Bird’s Nest Culture Center

2016 Guan Yi’s Art Works Exhibition BeiJing RIVERSIDE ART MUSEUM

2016 Dusseldorf international art exchange exhibition Germany

2017 New Orleans Auction Galleries New Orleans USA

2018 New Orleans Auction Galleries New Orleans USA

2018 “On paper. Superme” in Sydney Australia Sydney

Enlightenment2013-04-65298  - Paperboard acrylic color 195 x 95 cm
Enlightenment 2012-04-65293 - Paperboard acrylic color 195 x 95 cm
Enlightenment2015-04-65331 - Paperboard acrylic color 195 x 95 cm
Enlightenment 2012-04-65296 - Paperboard acrylic color 195 x 95 cm

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