Gunny Brørby

""My experiences and philosophy have led me to draw inspiration by nature and our relationship with nature and with ourselves. I believe that all people have a source of inspiration which is often in hibernation. I like my paintings to be good to look at and convey a message about the beauty out there and within us."

The adventures of nature - Acrylic 100 x 120 cm

Originally from Oslo, Gunny Brørby has lived for many years in the small town of Kragerø in the south coast of Norway. Some years ago, Gunny moved into an old school and attempted to make it a center for dreams. The center now includes a gallery, an atelier, a yoga studio and a textiles work room. This project has taken a lot of effort and has not allowed her the time she would ideally want to spend on her painting. Gunny has been actively exhibiting through the years in Norway as well as in Denmark and sells work both to private collectors and online. Her paintings are often accompanied by poems and Gunny teaches intuitive painting, motivation and yoga, all of which is for her equally important parts of her wholesomeness.

The time has come - Acrylic 80 x 80 cm
Behind closed doors - Acrylic 100 x 110 cm
Peace of mind - Acrylic 100 x 120 cm
The little yellow bird - Acrylic 100 x 110 cm

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