Haiyang Sun

“My artistic journey began with a childhood love for anime and video games, which now fuels my work in the video game industry. Drawing from these influences, I aim to create captivating images that blend nostalgia with innovation.”

Persian Gryphon - Photoshop, 3450 x 4465 px

Haiyang Sun is a distinguished character concept artist in the video game industry, currently employed at Tencent America, Timi Studio Group. With a notable track record, he has contributed his expertise to several high-profile AAA game projects, including "Apex Legends," "The Perfect Dark," and "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War." His exceptional skills and deep understanding of character concept art make him an invaluable asset to any development team.

Over the years, Haiyang has gained international recognition for his work. His art has been showcased in various competitions, as well as featured in art books, magazines, and on numerous websites, celebrating his creative contributions to the field.

Beyond his professional achievements, Haiyang is dedicated to education within the art community. He creates concept art tutorials and shares his extensive design knowledge, helping to nurture the next generation of artists by teaching both students and professionals.

High Priestess - Photoshop, 3450 x 4465 px
Nightfall - Photoshop, 5324 x 2879 px
War Mask - Photoshop, 1006 x 1151 px
Golden Palace - Photoshop, 2698 x 1462 px

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