Hanna Rheinz

"To see the Unseen between bodies, directions and desires, to comprehend the different stages of people, animals and things. Aspiring to respond. Discover the Hidden! Not always kind Souls hail the Intruder. Secrets seldomly get shared by benevolent spirits. Sometimes, they need to be kidnapped."

State of Being: Contemplative - Oil on canvas 46 x 37,5 cm

"When I was around 4-5 years old, I discovered the power of imagination. By lightning imaginary fires in dark places, I succeeded to get through the nights and a disease that thrived among the survivors of the last WWII and their children. My father died of it. During the next decade, I had opportunities to practice this further.  I learned: Art aspiring activities can be life-saving.  I attended Gymnasium in Frankfurt am Main which specialized in Art Techniques. I took master courses in Encaustic, Etching, Carving, Sculpture.  I lived in Japan and Taiwan from 1972 to 1975. Besides my university studies, I also studied History of art, Iconology and Calligraphy in Japan. I Taiwan, I took classed of Mandarin Chinese at the Hsin-chu University.

These art studies in practice and history proved to be a good foundation when years later, I accepted an offer to become the Director of the Museum of Jewish Culture in Augsburg, Germany planning, preparing and organizing a couple of international and regional exhibitions. After this professional experience, I decided to establish a career as an artist independently. I refined and broadened my techniques by joining a classical training in artistic techniques offered by the Web Art Academy in London which relied on the refined classical methods of the Russian School Art Teachings and received my Diploma.”


Select Exhibitions

Fliegender Teppich, Flying Carpet Herausgegeben von B. Eitel und M.Hefft-Michel, München 2005

Textband Fliegender Teppich, Flying Carpet, Herausgegeben von B. Eitel, München 2006

Xunta de Galicia: Flying Carpet, Santiago de Compostela 2004


Select Publications

Spotlight: Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 10 Circle Foundation for the Arts, 2017

Spotlight: Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 12 Circle Foundation for the Arts, 2018

Spotlight: Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 14 Circle Foundation for the Arts, 2019

Contemporary Masters XIII

Schemesch Chai - Frottage
Die Träumerin (the Dreamer) - Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm
Portrait von Z. - Oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm
Vorbei Gehen - Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm

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