Harvest Angel-The Rapture

My name is Walter Hisey. I am retired and found photography to be an enriching pastime.I recently started taking photographs of clouds.To my amazement some revealed themselves as actual biblical scenes that I found prophetic.I have five prophetic cloud photographs that have not been altered in any way.It is now my God given mission to display them to the world. There is a message in my prophetic cloud photograph titled “Harvest Angel-The Rapture”. I think God is giving us a heads up that the Rapture will come and to be prepared to join his family. This photo is bestowed by God to give hope to all who view it.By showing us this sign in the sky he is telling us of his presence and that he wants us to be harvested out of the Tribulation as the ones who love him and want to be with him in heaven eternally. There are four heavenly beings in this photograph.Jesus is sitting on the “Glory Cloud” at the bottom left.There is a large angel above.Facing the angel in a sitting position harvested woman encompassed by what I believe to be the harvest sickle.There is a person kneeling and grasping the leg of the angel.They are thanking God for the mercy they have been shown. This God sent cloud photograph is real and has not been altered in any way.