Heinz Marzohl

"Memories, thoughts, stories and dreams become shadowy figures, ambiguous shapes, archaic lines and touching color compositions. Again and again with the deep desire to create a unique, beautiful work. This is my world of painting."

The bull of Saintes Maries, 2023 - Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100 cm

The profound knowledge of reprography, typography, serigraphy, materials, and colour theory was a valuable springboard for the painter, printer, and advertising specialist Heinz Marzohl to enter the world of painting. In over 25 years, countless sketches and studies were produced and, building on these, elaborate, profound but mostly colourful paintings on canvas. Many of these paintings are characterized by personal, emotional experiences. 

Heinz Marzohl finds inspiration for his designs in nature. Lines of force of animal bodies, drawings on butterflies, weathered wood grain or primeval structures and cracks from rock cliffs of stormy seashores. 

Over the years the search for living lines and shapes to represent touching scenes has led to an independent, unmistakable design language. Painted on canvas with beautiful color compositions, the archaic traces became enchanting, touching pictorial worlds.

The green eye, 2023 - Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100 cm
Boats in sunset, 2023 - Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100 cm
The sad pirate, 2023 - Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100 cm
Running camargue horse, 2023 - Acrylic on canvas 75 x 100 cm

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