Henrik Brondsted

"I am a poet, a visual poet, in my works I aim to turn the realism of photography into something emotional."

Poem in grey - Photograph 80 x 60 cm €900

Danish artist, Henrik Brondsted started with portraits in black and white of musicians, tv-presenters, families. Since 1988 he has had exhibitions among others in Rome, Barcelone, Copenhagen, London, Cannes and was nominated in international competitions including Photo Art Championship, Al-Thani Award, Trienberg Super Circuit, Mantova International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Artavita, Art Nordic, etc.

Poem in grey 2 - Photograph 100 x 60 €1500
Memories 2 - Photograph 80 x 40 cm €750
Poem in grey 3 - Photograph 60 x 60 cm €500
Memories - Photograph 100 x 60 cm €900

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