Henrik Saar

"To make my art be a picture of the time I'm a part of. That each of my artworks as a two-edged sword cuts a piece of myself and the world that made me. The rose with its thorns is my trademark. It's loaded with passion and suffering, beauty, and pain just like my life, just like my art."

There Is Something About Everything - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

Danish painter, Henrik Saar is a recognized and highly awarded international master artist since 2010, and winner of the Medusa Aurea contest as the best painter at the International Academy of Modern Arts in Rome 2019.

Saar sees himself as a lifetime artist, from the very beginning expressing himself in sketches and poems. "I'm an artist!” he describes after what occurred in 1989 after a night of dreaming about himself lying naked on the deck of a ship in stormy weather, instinctively trying to reach a transformer station placed in the front of the boat in a high sea. A life-changing dream that still is like inner energy in the art of Henrik Saar.

“Transformationalism,” is a word he often uses to describe his artwork.

Aiming at making each picture a reflection of both societal change and personal thoughts; a mix that essentially describes his practice, Saar feels dedicated to express this metamorphosis through his oil paintings.

Saar paints with the same three oil-colors plus black and white and enjoys the challenge of producing something surprising and different every time. Each picture makes him feel like a visual wizard while creating it because each one is filled up with so much unspoken content, which may be even more real than what you could put in words. Very often, he creates images of what is happening tomorrow, and that's part of the visual wizard thing: "Painting has a genie effect."

The greatest inspirations for Henrik Saar have been Salvador Dali, Symbolism, Kirkeby, Van Gogh, and Munch.

Halabja - Oil on canvas 150 x 120 cm
Learning to Fly - Oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm
Don't Kill The World - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm
Angel Station - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

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