Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition winning image news


I am very pleased, happy and honored to be informed by the Organizing Committee for the Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition that my illustration artwork, “My Sun Shower Goddess” has made it onto their list of 516 winners and is a winning Nomination piece for the D – Uncommissioned category.

Hiii Illustration 2020, the 8th Hiii Illustration International Competition had received 3899 pieces of works from more than 60 countries or regions around the world. 1215 works have been chosen to enter the second round, and within the third finalist round, 516 winning works have been chosen, including 1 Grand Prix, 8 Jury Award, 20 Best of the Best, 115 Merit Award, 6 Most Popular Award and 368 Nominations.

List of winning pieces:

I am looking forward to take part in the Hiii Illustration 2020 Exhibition which will be held in Nanjing next year in 2022!

Thank you very much to the 9 international judges including Anna Goodson, Beppe Giacobbe, Cécile Gariépy, Charles Hively, Chris Buzelli, Joe Ciardiello, Marcos Chin, Martin Salisbury and Monica Barengo and everyone at the Organizing Committee for the Hiii Illustration 2020 International Competition.

Title: My Sun Shower Goddess (version 6)
Media: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 20 by 20 inches

Illustration artwork by Anson Liaw