Holger A. Baehr

“Living in Ireland, the breathtaking beauty of the countryside has inspired me to pick up my brushes and paint, capturing the serene landscapes on canvas. In this day and age of hustle and bustle, I aim to draw the viewer into my paintings, inviting them to take a stroll through the enchanting Irish countryside. My hope is that they find tranquility and beauty in my work, drawing positive energy and inner peace from these scenes.”

ELLBOGEN, SYLT - Acrylic on Deep Canvas 140 x 190 cm €19,000

Holger A. Baehr, born in 1963 in Germany, currently resides in Ireland, where he finds inspiration for his evocative acrylic paintings on canvas. Baehr's artistic process involves working with layers of paint or sketching directly onto the canvas, often simultaneously developing a series of paintings that complement each other and contribute to a cohesive body of work.

Deeply rooted in the Irish landscape, Baehr's paintings reflect his continuous exploration of the countryside, particularly the Shannon region where he resides. Drawing from memory and inspired by his surroundings, Baehr's work captures the visual and atmospheric elements of his environment, offering viewers a meditative experience imbued with quiet beauty.

Baehr's paintings invite personal connection, aiming to evoke memories or stir unexpected emotions within the viewer. His love for Ireland and its countryside shines through in each composition, which, although recognizable as landscapes, possess an abstract quality that simplifies and distills the essence of the natural world.

With close observation, viewers can appreciate the intricate layers of paint that contribute to the depth and complexity of Baehr's work, encouraging an intimate and immersive viewing experience. Through his art, Baehr invites audiences to journey with him through the landscapes of Ireland, capturing fleeting moments in time and inviting contemplation of the inherent beauty found in the world around us.

WINTER SKY I - Acrylic on Deep Canvas 200 x 200 cm €19,000
GLOWING SKY II - Acrylic on Deep Canvas 150 x 150 cm €8,500
BLUE MOUNTAINS - Acrylic on Deep Canvas 120 x 120 cm €8,000
AUTUMN GLOW III - Acrylic on Deep Canvas 150 x 150 cm €8,500

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