Holly Liu

"In my opinion, artistic creation is not painting what you see, but painting yourself, painting what you feel, your aesthetic sense, your character, and your life experience. On the matter of what is painted, the people, still things or sceneries, the final expression of the picture is yourself."

Guardian in Divine Light - Cold wax oil painting on wood panel. 12 x 12 in., $1,000

Holly Liu's artworks are infused with emotions of hope, brightness, and vitality, creating a bridge between the beauty of reality and the splendor of imagination. As a Christian artist, Holly aims to convey the boundless love and light of God. Her paintings often depict figures silently basking in the divine glow, symbolizing guardianship and guidance, reminding us that each of us is called to be a beacon spreading this love and light.

In summary, Holly Liu's paintings represent a unique fusion of modern art exploration and Christian faith. With every touch of the brush and selection of color, she not only creates a visual feast but also constructs a world filled with hope and spirituality. Holly's works are an expression of her personal faith and a bridge for emotional and spiritual dialogue with the audience. Her canvases offer a tranquil haven, allowing one to experience a profundity that transcends the everyday.

Holly Liu is an international visual artist based in New York City. She holds the distinguished title of a featured artist for the Fondation de France and has been honored with the 2023 Artist Award from the Italian EFFETTO Foundation. Additionally, she is a member of the Montauk Artists Association. Her artwork has graced galleries in both the United States and Europe, earning widespread acclaim. Furthermore, she was chosen as one of the 60 contemporary art masters of 2023 by “ArtTour International” magazine and received the Visual Arts Oscar Award. She was also the proud recipient of the 2023 Emerald ARTYA Award by the esteemed ATIM board. She participated in the New York Art Expo, where her works were successfully sold.

Whispering Petals - Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 12 in., $1,000
Star of Bethlehem - Cold wax oil painting on wood canvas. 16 x 20 in., $1,000
Journey of Faith - Mixed media on canvas. 24 x 18 in., $1,000
Light of Faith - Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 12 in., $1,000

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