Hsiung Yu

"My inspiration comes from the veins of the leaves and the texture of minerals. I use the interactive characteristics of oil paint, water and oil to invent a unique way to integrate human figures and text lines, painted on linen, to complete unique abstract expressionist works."

Meditation Purple, 2020 - Oil on canvas 72.5 x 100 cm

Taiwanese artist, Hsiung Yu integrates elements from Oriental fashion with an interpretation of the Western spirit of abstract expressionism to establish a unique and philosophical abstracted style. The artworks display intricate texture, a sensual aesthetic as well as notions of self-expression and exploration. At the core of her practice is an emotional relationship to the abstract. Exploring cultural differences, the artworks blend notions of her Taiwanese identity as she aims to create visual metaphors that are shaped by her background into complex expressive visual metaphors.


Select Awards and Exhibitions

2021 London Oxford International Art Fair

2020 Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition

2020 Le Salon D'Automne Paris France

2020 ART CAPITAL Paris France

2019 Paris-carrousel du Louvre ART SHOPPING

2019 Berlin, Hamburg, Germany - Impressions Formosa, Taiwan Contemporary Art, German Exchange Exhibition

2016 Taiwan 21th The Da Dun Fine Arts

2015 Le Salon d' Automne Paris France 2015

Fountainhead, 2020 - Oil on canvas 91 x 217.5 cm
Meditation Brown, 2020 - Oil on canvas 100 x 72.5 cm
Victory Crown, 2018 - Oil on canvas 116.5 x 273 cm
Red Chair, 2019 - Oil on canvas 100 x 72.5 cm

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