Hsiung Yu

"Everything transcends natural processes. I am obsessed with the original frescoes from 45 million years ago. I am an art alchemist who insists on creating known and unknown symbols day and night. These totems project the imagination and innovative ideas of the future world. Using delicate and smooth lines, layers and mixing skills, injecting life and emotion between materials and linen, I believe dreams come true!"

Alchemy Ⅰ & Ⅱ & Ⅲ - Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 153 cm

Taiwanese artist HSIUNG YU creates innovative contemporary visual art with the essence of originality. She has won many awards in Taiwan and in international competitions. Yu has had more than 50 exhibitions and participated in invitational shows in Germany, France, Britain, Italy and other international cities numerous times.

In recent years, collectors from Japan, France, and the United States have successively collected her creations, which has made the artist more determined to develop internationally. Hsiung Yu seeks gallery representation and to establish a permanent connection with galleries and collectors.

Multiple Effects ⅠI - Acrylic on canvas 145 x 121 cm
Heart of the Sea - Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 100 cm
Multiple Effects Ⅰ - Acrylic on canvas 145 x 121 cm
Computers in Human Behaviors - Acrylic on canvas 91 x 72.5 cm
Celebrate the harvest - Acrylic on canvas 112 x 145.5 cm
Un Modern Nouveau - Acrylic on canvas 217.5 x 100 cm
Light Force - Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 100 cm
Coronaart- On the Origin Of Species - Acrylic on canvas 112 x 145.5 cm

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