Igor Eugen Prokop

"I want to protect the universal systems and I would like to protect the teachings of those that have taught me everything."

And Above All Harmony

"Everything I do can be called a lifelong process of evolvement like everything at nature once evolved within a "natural order". My studies as well as my time as a teacher, but first of all my travels, have formed me. Like everyone I was created by the daily influences: my children, my friends, and all the surrounding social and personal problems. From this daily life originates my creative sense for responsibility: I feel responsible for our planet's imperfect-looking future! I sensed our Planet first of all visual, and connected my impressions with my strong interest in biology and my everlasting wish to travel.

The urge to discover and the urge to create met at my soul. I traveled through many countries but how many did I not visit? I learned about the elemental, wild power of our oceans, the cradle of life itself. Then I became aware of the destruction by man. I saw the dead corals, the final extinction of uncounted creatures. At the small islands of the Pacific Ocean I became witness to the destruction of everything that should have been holy to us. These wonderful old and life-giving reefs that we destroyed inspired me to formulate my feelings in order to oppose the destruction. I traveled further: New Zealand, Australia, and America with its unique New York. I traveled through the old Europe that is connected with my soul and through the hot Africa with its hard but nevertheless human way of life. Indonesia with her unlimited sources of artists and wonders of nature helped me to understand our world, as did the drop of river water under my microscope - or the body of the ant, the blade of grass?

All these systems and impressions go through the filter of my brain and everything flows further into my heart and my hands: the forms, the colors, and the connections. Is the blade of grass with its efficiency not superior to any machine? And what kind of wonder is the human being?”

Quantum Entanglement
God Showed To Nature The Right Way One Million Years Ago
Life Revolution
If God Created The World What Created God

Igor Eugen Prokop was published on the Front Cover of Spotlight Magazine, Issue 22 by CFA Press

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