How to apply for an Artist Interview on Circle Arts

Fine artists working in all visual art disciplines can apply for an interview on Circle Arts.

It's as simple as it gets!

 Prepare 3 small images of your work and your short biography and scroll below to fill out a free application.

We will review your material and reply within a few working days.

If accepted, artists must cover a 39€ fee.

How long will my interview be on Circle Arts? Your artist interview will be published for 12 months on our website.

Where will I be featured?  Your interview will be published on your personal page within our website. Interviewed artists are shown on multiple spots on our website, including our homepage and our artists page. Each time these pages are refreshed, a new set of artists appears.

Why is there a fee for my interview to be published? The fee covers the preparation, editing, design and hosting of your interview. Most importantly our team works full-time to maintain and grow our dedicated readers and professional connections. In other words, this is a marketing tool for artists who are serious about networking as well as publishing, selling and exhibiting work.

Why should I appear on Circle Arts? An interview with Circle provides an important addition to your artist’s resume. Our website is a great platform to gain new audiences and introduce your work to art lovers, collectors and professionals from around the world. We have an average of 2,000 unique weekly visitors and galleries, curators and exhibition organizers look at our website regularly to find new artists. Circle is a great place to sell work and expand your network. 


Copyrights The artist keeps 100% copyrights of their images but allows CFA to edit and publish their material (images, text, etc) on our website and/or other internet pages, social media and newsletters.


Sales & Commissions At Circle, we do not directly handle sales. This means that our website doesn't include a "buy now" button. When a buyer is interested we facilitate the communication up to the point of the exchange. The artist is then responsible for accepting the payment as well as the shipping of the artwork.

We do not take commissions on sales. This is valid for sales that result directly or indirectly from the artist's publication on our website and/or other projects.

Reviews Read what other artists say about working with us here.

How can I publish in your magazines?  If you are interested in publishing in any of our magazines, please subscribe to the form below and you will be notified of the next open call. 

Application Form

We reply to all applicants regardless of the result. If you do not receive a reply within 12 business days please email

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Notes

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