Ingrid McMillan

"I am interested in humanity, how we relate to ourselves and to one another. I think about relational conditions that either support or interfere with human connection and construct narratives using figures or nature to metaphorically describe our human experience."

Winterdance 2020 - Oil on linen 30 x 40 in.

Ingrid McMillan is a German-Canadian painter whose work is about humanity. Her collections are imaginative meditations on compassion and idealism. Each body of work consists of multiple oil paintings grouped around specific themes. “I construct narratives using figures and nature to metaphorically describe our interiority. I intuitively play at making the intangible tangible.” Ingrid’s work is influenced by Jungian psychology, spirituality and the psychological nuances in the work of great painters. Ingrid holds a BFA (Honours) and MEd (art) degrees from the University of Manitoba, Canada. She worked as art educator, school counsellor and art consultant in a progressive public school division before painting full-time since 2018.

Spring 2020 - Oil on canvas 30 x 38 in.
Summer 2020 - Oil on canvas 30 x 38 in.
Tribe 2020 - Oil on canvas 30 x 38 in.
Summer II 2020 - Oil on canvas 30 x 38 in.

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