Ingrid Steckelberg

"My work tells the fictional story of the red gloves, which were thrown away only to discover a new sphere of utility. Taking found objects as my starting point, thoughts and ideas are transferred and new visual themes discovered which circle around questions of identity and artistic self-awareness."

Wie Phönix Aus Der Asche - Mixed media 32,9 x 48,3 cm

Ingrid Steckelberg was born in Breslau. She lives as a freelance artist in Achim, and works in the artists’ village of Worpswede near Bremen, and Achim. Between 1993 and 2000 she received her artistic education in en plein air painting. Along with painting she has engaged in photography. Since 2001 she is a member of the National Association of Artists’ as well as a member of the artists’ collective ‘Galerie ART99’. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2014 she received the Volksbank Cultural Prize.

Ingrid Steckelberg draws her inspiration mostly from objects and landscapes. She is fascinated by the aesthetics of decay, such as rusting iron or the morbid beauty of rotting wood and crumbling walls. She views her paintings as metaphors,  rearrangements, and metamorphoses of reality. She creates abstract works combining different materials and techniques, in order for raw and brittle structures come to light. For some years she worked on different series about transformations from one state to another (political and social).

Die Wanne Ist Voll - Mixed media 32,9 x 48,3 cm
Das Schiefe Haus - Mixed media 48,3 x 32,9 cm
Abgestellt - Mixed media 32,9 x 48,3 cm
Ohne Titel - Mixed media 32,9 x 48,3 cm

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