Chung Gook Yang

Born in: 1964, Seoul, S. Korea
Lives in:Seoul, S. Korea
Education:Westminster Graduate School of Theology, (Th.M)
Describe your art in 3 words: beautiful heart moment
Media: Photography, Digital Photography

"Art is an inner act of bringing out and expressing aesthetic subconsciousness in the self. Art can be said to be a product of self-consciousness that is expressed. I get inspiration from all parts of reality: expecially nature and human culture. What is important to me is to analyze and conceptualize all areas of things with the intelligence acquired through human self-consciousness."

What themes does your current work involve?
My work maximizes visual elements by expressing the inner side of human beings in geometrical abstract forms, and each dotted line surfaces various human desires. In my work, women express the essence of human beings just as Eve expressed her covetousness with the tree.
Describe your creative process.
All works are created by taking pictures and work as a series. New works are conceived through social or environmental issues and work on various other themes.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
The influence of my work is diverse, but it is particularly inspired by exhibitions. My art is to sympathize with the human mind and give a good influence to other works
What are your goals and plans as an artist in 2023?
The goal for 2023 is to expand the ongoing works into a series, and to challenge various contests.
How do recent advancements in technology affect your art practice? How may recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (image generator software) affect the definition of fine art?
I am concerned that AI is affecting the realm of art through the recent development of technology, but on the other hand, I feel grateful that it can promote mutual growth and has an easier working environment. It is natural for me to have this idea for being helped by the technical function of the software called Photoshop in performing art through photography. However, since AI draws intelligent pictures in just a few seconds without anguishing, I am negative whether this should be considered art. This is because art is a complex activity of thought that emerges through human emotions, thoughts, and feelings. No matter how much AI has the talent to create something on its own, it is just a machine. Machine technology is always a product of helping human activities.
What is the role of the artist today?
I think the role of artists in modern society is to be a pioneer in the visualization movement that changes fixed ideas into new perspectives. Creativity creates new horizons by making fixed thinking flexible I think that only people with that character are true artists. I also stood as an artist to make people realize what they hadn't thought of and lead them to a world of bigger thoughts through my work. That's why I chose art.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Good art is to boldly turn away from the perceptual attitude of being immersed only for the beauty of the subject by being obsessed with visible phenomena or working only for art itself. In other words, turning away from the attitude of acknowledging and thinking only visible value, paying attention to invisible and ontological characteristics and giving artistic value is good art. It will make a work of art great.


This interview was published by Circle Foundation of the Arts. © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist

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