Petronilla HohenwARTer

Born in: 1965, Waldkirchen, Germany
Lives in: Waldkirchen, Germany
Media: Painting, Drawing, Digital Media
Describe your art in 3 words: informal, expressive, visionary
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I joyfully surrender to the New | The Awakening 2022 - Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 x 120 cm

"ART is an EXPRESSION of the DIVINE. What is the true Value of Humanity? Is it still desirable to rediscover and integrate our Core Values into our Lives ? Back to your Roots - Stand up for Yourself is my Call and Statement to Mankind to awaken to the Value of Love that we were born with originally. It encourages and enables us to reach our full Potential. Allow Love to be your Essence. "

What themes does your current work involve?
This Piece is part of the Awakening Series, which debuted in 2021 during the Pandemic's second year. I'm talking about an evolutionary Consciousness Process in which Humanity is involved both consciously and unconsciously. It is an energetic Awakening into our spiritual-soul Existence that allows us to physically manifest our highest Potential and Superpower. I meditate and unconditionally surrender to this Source who resides within me; in this State, I perceive an Energy Field within myself that is more empowering, effective, and loving than my Mind and egocentric Thinking can ever be. This is the Source from which my Artworks emerge.
Describe your creative process.
To me the Act of Creation is related to a Energy as a driving Force that can be recognized in every single Work of Art in the Style of the Color I use, the Shape, the Line and Structure. My artistic Approach is informal , abstract, expressive and flows from within. When Painting on the Floor the Movement is similarly to a Dance. Artworks appear when I perceive them energetically in my Mind and see them visually in Front of my inner Eye. I don't sketch; instead, I prepare the materials and surrender completely and trustingly to the Flow of Energy and Transformation. The End Result is a vibrant, empowering, liberating, and contemporary Artwork.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
Life in itself is a Source of Inspiration to me. In this Context, it is necessary to recognize and comprehend the Complexities of Mankind. These Insights I gain, along with the creative Process and my natural aesthetic Intuition, allow me to create a Space for the Viewer to rest in between all of the mysterious Layers with which we are confronted both inside and outside. The natural Beauty of our Human Selves is reflected more clearly in this visual Transformation. I started making Art because my Soul demanded it. In short, my artistic Development is a life-long Process that reflects on myself, the Human Universe, and beyond.
What are your goals and plans as an artist in 2023?
One of my artistic Goals is to raise Awareness about the Holistic Value of visual Art in Relation to Body-Mind-Soul Healing. My personal Interest and main Focus, in Addition to Marketing my Art, traveling, and expanding my Coaching Program, is developing new Artwork as Part of The Awakening Series. This Act of Creation empowers me and is the most important Part of my Life. Two solo Exhibitions are planned, as well as some other creative Ideas that I'd like to see realized.
How do recent advancements in technology affect your art practice? How may recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (image generator software) affect the definition of fine art?
Every technological advancement results in an increase in intellectual awareness. Graphic programs were already being used as a supplement to the analog creative process many years ago. AI is simply another tool that can be used to technically implement creative ideas. I doubt that artificial intelligence is the one and only future technology that will completely replace the artist, his uniqueness, and genius. But it is, among other things, one of those new ways to re-imagine analog art with AI - why not.
What is the role of the artist today?
There are two words that express this perfectly: Remembrance and Interconnectedness. So far, nothing has changed. An Artist is still a modern visionary who, using his own Language, holds up a Mirror to Society, revealing that Humanity has learned little from History. Because we are constantly exposed to Duality on this Planet, the Act of Creation is a Way to demonstrate and even shift Energies that are present in our World. Personally, I often wonder where the spirit of Love is on this planet where emotional Abuse, Power Plays, Suffer, Manipulation and Materialism are still used to compensate for a Lack of Love in one's Heart. Art depicts the Source of Love and Light that we seek.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?

It's somehow very subjective to talk about good and great Art. As we know from Art History there are plenty of Art Masters, which had an Impact on Mankind. To me , a great Work of Art reveals its Spirit entirely, which moves through Space and Time. It has a deeper Impact on the Viewer and invites them to engage in Dialogue. This can happen in various Ways. If an Artwork endures even without the Artist and requires no Explanation because it is breathtakingly extraordinary, it has an Effect beyond Space and Time and will be remembered as a Work of Art for future Generations.

Cosmic Soul Dance und die Liebe erblüht | The Awakening 2022 - Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 140 cm
The Golden Hour of Delight | The Awakening 2022 - Mixed Media on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm
OH YES and Life is a joyful Pilgrimage | The Awakening 2022 - Relief on Paper on Wood 100 x 80 cm
The Spirit of Light is awakening within | The Awakening 2021 - Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 140 cm


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