Josée Tellier 3D Artist

Born in: Trois-Rivieres QC Canada
Lives in: Beloeil, Canada
Describe your art in three words: 3D sculpted painting
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Descente dans le Petit Champlain - 3D acrylic + glass insertion, 48x36 in

Josee is an awarded artist. Her paintings can be found in many countries. The uniqueness of her work resides in a technique of bas-relief with glass insert. Working on wood, the use of tools and various materials allows her to model and sculpt the architectural heritage that she wants to make joyful: a classic approach but rejuvenated by modern materials and a colorful vision of naive tendency.

What themes does your work involve?
Quebec province is a nice place for architecture: we enjoy French and New England styles. My love for banisters, gables, columns, wood lace-work find inspiration in those old houses. I may choose between old stones or wood siding. Trees and flowers are also important to me and drawing them near water allows me to add that magic touch: iridescent glass. Lets put all those themes in one work! You will get an happy artist!
Describe your creative process.
I was a professional violinist and I paint listening to music. It makes me connect to my emotions. During my childhood, my father was drawing plans for our homes and watching him gave me some knowledge. I did the same, built my garage and added rooms to my house. I learned how to use many tools. My love for banisters, gables, columns, wood lace-work was growing. I feel sorry when I see how hard it is to protect our architecture from severe climate. For me, painting and preserving memory is paying a tribute to our architecture. My love for beautiful houses brings me to visit historic districts of North America. Sometimes, I meet owners and listening to their stories allows me to add artefacts to my works. It is my pleasure to redraw those houses in bucolic scenes with trees and flowers.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
As a teenager, I was fascinated by Renoir's colors more than his impressionism style. Later, I discovered Gauguin and his way to see nuances in nature and colored backgrounds. Even if creating my sculpture is the longest and big part of the process, adding the color is the more important step to me. I have the chance to know amazing painters in Canada: Littorio del Signore light master, Saint-Gilles and Cristobal fabulous colorists, Vladimir Horik and many more. They are my inspiration source. That is why my main way to learn is to visit galleries and admire those great artists.
What are your goals and plans as an artist in 2023?

My dream for 2023 is bringing my work around the world. What better way to discover other countries different architecture than meeting great artists and share with them my love for human achievement? Having the opportunity to exhibit my art and developing my career on Canada and international market are my goals for the next years.

About Josee's unique technique
My work is 3D low-relief with glass insertion. I use iridescent stained glass that sparkles and only eyes can see the colors in space. The images don't show the real colors of the windows, water or street lamp. The camera cannot catch the windows colors but only the reflection of the light nearby. When looking at the final work, compare with the sculpture image.
Balade dans l'vieux - 3D acrylic + glass insertion, 28x48 in
Variations jaunes: la classique - 3D acrylic + glass insertion, 48x36 in
Dernière calèche à Québec - 3D acrylic + glass insertion, 40x30 in
Balade sous le château - 3D acrylic + glass insertion, 40x30 in


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