Born in: 1993, Sliven, Bulgaria

Lives in: Sofia, Bulgaria

Media: Painting, Digital Media, Mixed media, Drawing, Crafts, Posters, Graphic Design, Web Design, UI & UX

Describe your work in 3 words: Thought, idea, experiment

See More Work:   www.instagram.com/ivankashlakhttp://be.net/kashlak - International Art Bansko Gallery, Bulgaria

Artistic Chaos - Oil on cardboard 35 x 50 cm

"I search in the intimate and poetic corners of my mind. I get inspired by the small, ordinary things in life. An idea always leads me to the canvas. Through my art, I seal a moment in eternity. My main goal is searching the truth of life which we breed every day but forget from time to time…"

What themes does your work involve?
The environment around me is something that I review every day. It’s amazing how I can always discover new details which I hadn't noticed before. The absorbing nature of perception is the first part of analysis and creation. Usually, the themes I work are engaged with personal experience or towards society. The light and how it reflects on different objects is my subject.
Describe your creative process.
Creativity starts from experience. Privacy and isolation are needed for the concentration of internal perception. My methodology of the process in creation is connected always with the information. Always I tend to find meaning. Sometimes the aesthetical attraction towards an object leads me to its significance. In a lot of cases, my works are developed by the gesture of the brush movement which increases the emotional impact. Diversity and changing the approach is something that keeps me going.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do make art?
Most of my work is inspired by my home. There I see the whole universe. Quite often I’m driven by the inner engine. In this way, I feel I’m closer to nature – the spontaneity and spirit, wind and charge. Something like a domesticated action painting, but not exactly. The climax is always on the top of the brush. I put my energy into my artworks. While I work I feel a flux, charge that I’m sending. The impulse that gives you the feeling of living. Creating is a part of who I am.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
That is a question that started seriously to engage the mind of the artists 100 years ago. Criteria? There is no such thing in the contemporary art world now. That’s why it struggles. If you ask me what is great art – that is an artwork that never gets old or out of time and moves the hearts of many people. It possesses qualities that enrich the soul and makes the eye to want to look at it more and more. Each time you find something different in it. Art asks the right questions.
What is the role of the artist today?
Right now there are a lot of qualities that go under the "hat" of the artist. Independently of the time and place, the definition is the same - to create, envision. No matter the media or the field of work. Everything around us is based on vision, imagination and new ideas. Artists have to create meaningful art, understandable and pure in it's strive. Seeking the truth and showing it. With no boundaries, reflecting and rethinking the society, searching always for an amazing new point of view.

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