Liliana Stafford

Born in: 1950, England

Lives in: Fremantle, Western Australia

Media: Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Collage, Drawing, Textile Arts

Describe your work in 3 words: Energy, nature, line.

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In the Wind - Mixed media 12 x 130 x 60 cm

Liliana Stafford’s work is inspired by seen and unseen world’s colliding, referencing simultaneously the natural world and layered human relations. She is fascinated by the unseen manifested physical: an invisible wind moving a visible leaf. Through her use of abstract acrylics and wired sculptures, these messages are hummed with reveled abandonment.

What themes does your work involve?
In my work, I am constantly striving to show how we are connected both to each other and to the natural world. I weave shapes with wire, paper, silk, wood and stones. They are feminine energy made manifest, guided by a strong inner connection to my body and the natural world. I sense an energy in my hands and am guided as to what they wish to create. My mostly ink drawings on paper are done with my non-dominant hand, sometimes with my eyes closed. It is all about making the connection and bringing what is there to life. "Nature cannot speak for itself so we must find a way to do so."
Describe your creative process.
The work comes out of long walks in a natural wetland near my home. I often bring home from my walks, sticks, leaves, seeds and images to use later in the studio. Other work arrives in that morning time between sleep and waking. I 'see' a small image of the finished piece and then have to work backwards as to how to make it. In the process I allow the piece to change and grow or connect to other pieces hanging in my studio. Time in the studio is a small part of the overall process..
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
I make art because I must. Without the creative process manifest in my life, I would be empty, unable to cope with the cruelty and greed of our modern world. Art and writing for me are the way forward. My way to make sense of the world around me.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
I love to experience art that has 'weight'. The kind of art that touches the feelings and wakes you up. I once visited the Tate Gallery and stood in a room full of paintings by Cy Twombly. I stood in the middle of that room and cried. I carried those paintings with me throughout our trip to the UK. Good art comes from a very deep place few of us access. I want to go there.
What is the role of the artist today?
You are not made into an artist, you are born with a sensitivity to the world that needs to be expressed. Artists are like the canaries in a mine. They see the danger before it arrives. They sound the alarm. They celebrate the beautiful and expose the bad. They are essential parts of a well-balanced society. Without art in all it's forms life would be incredibly dull bad policies would go unchallenged. We shake things up.

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