Marc Brousse

Born in: 1984, France

Lives in: Brussels, Belgium

Describe your art in three words: NATURE - MAN - ARCHITECTURE

Education: Architecture, TUDELFT (NL)

See More Work: | Instagram@marc_brousse

Dear Hashima - Indian Ink , charcoal and invisible ink (poem and video available on website) 56 x 76 cm

"The artist interweaves his architectural knowledge with the different modes of artistic expression; sculpture, drawing, video. In the continuity of the process of architectural and artistic design, the artist explores new medium to magnify and illustrate the intimate link between the Architecture of Man and Architecture of Nature."

What themes does your work involve?
I don't have the perfect formula to express the intimate link between Nature and Man, but my sensible analysis of the world due to my travels, my knowledge, my skills permit to generate artworks realting to that theme. I explore that trinity Man / Architecture / Nature. I think the fundamental values of our environment such as architecture, the nature city are a vector of social relationship and unification. My artworks using Architectural symbolism and that threshold between abstract and figurative try to formulate that vision.
Describe your creative process.
"Life is a line, thought is a line, each line is a vision of space and of the world." M Brusantin. I work of composition on the soul of the line, in the mechanisms of spatial composition, to see the evolution of an abstract infinitesimal construction towards a movement forming a space, a figurative and narrative perimeter. I deploy a style by capturing the line in his lifetime, to generate allegories between man, his Architecture and that of Nature. I work usually by series to compose a global narration of works. However I keep the freedom to create spontaneous artworks, dealing with my ipse. Like in architecture, I like this idea of non-finito drawing, you can create time you can create timeless drawings, because in the creation phase the subject you want to cloak integrate new sense.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
Architecture is my mind the ultimate art. It combines all the other realm of artistic expression because it contributes directly to their identity, their enlighten, like the sound appearance in a room, or the image captured by the camera. So I feed my brain with different realms. Art is the bridge between the physical world of architecture and the imagination world of my mind. Art permits to transform the world and give it a different reality, higher. I like the fact like architecture, Art should address itself directory to the sense. So it has the expressive strength a symbolic ambivalence, of the sense and the spirit, and thus gather people and rise Humankind reflection about its being and its capacity to interact and appropriate a urban space ( because he can recognize himself in it).
What are your goals and plans as an artist in 2023?
I think it's important to recognize that since ancient time, several Architectural treaty and styles get inspired by nature, to define harmonic rules and the notion of proportion related to human body. I am developing projects, Monumental Sculpture to formulate physically that interconnectivity between Nature / Man and Architecture, to raise awareness with Architectural immersion. I try to reformulate the spaces stimulating our sense, deploying an Art-chitectural truth and offering the possibility to reconnect with the notion of the House that Hegel could develop, how to dwell in our environment. Thus like the project you award ( A leaf for eternity), it would permit to finance reforestation projects.
How do recent advancements in technology affect your art practice? How may recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (image generator software) affect the definition of fine art?
I think we are touching a boundary of what I would call the soul of an artwork. I think that in fact AI could in the coming years create amazing images in a short time, but the will not be soak up with the artist life, feelings, upheavals and so skills evolution. I think there would be always people searching for that kind of art, revealing the truth , because the artwork is an extension of the artist mind, a deep introspection with its IPSE, and that the AI would not be able to reach it. I am not against new technologies. I am always ( as an architect also) looking for new material that can bring aesthetic values to a creation process. Art and I consider Architecture aims the presenting of Spirit, and the AI cannot.
What is the role of the artist today?
I would resume it like with that quote I am attached with: "Utopia contains the most powerful and mysterious lifeblood in history. Utopia arises from the past to unveil the horizon. Only those who look towards what we do not see have the opportunity to change, sense and touch the world in a peculiar manner." So artists from all art fields should integrate utopian notions in their works to make people think and dream.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
I think there is two kinds, the one that artworks can grasp your senses, and reveal spontaneously emotions , almost like what we call the Stendhal syndrome. The notion of beauty and sublime is a delicate theme that has been debated by many Philosopher (Edmund Burke's , Kant, Heidegger or even Bachelard), but like Bacchus from Caravaggio and all the criteria are their, and the time stop and the emotion is coming. I am also attached to artworks that incorporates a high skill to be realised , so you can feel the tremendous work behind. And also because it's telling a story , it has a message valuable for Humanity.
A Leaf for Eternity - Sculpture with burnt wood, stained glass, gold leafs 4 x 3.5 m


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