Nevena Ivanović Guagliumi

Born in: Serbia, 1989
Lives in: Carpi,Italy
Media: Painting, Watercolor, Mixed media, Drawing
Describe your art in three words: Who we are
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La mentira - Combined technique on paper 24 x 30 cm

"My work is an analytical study on emotional intelligence and it's a constant work on the raising awareness on that, the most important sphere in the evolution of the personality, but the one so little has been researched about. Yet, it's in our genetic code."

Can't remember - Combined technique on paper 24 x 30 cm
Enjoy the silence - Combined technique on paper 24 x 30 cm
If I could be who you wanted - Combined technique on paper 24 x 30 cm
What themes does your work involve?
My work is based on a spiritual, or rather emotional impression, shown through a portrait as the architecture of reality. As a member of a generation that was growing up in three different states on the same territory, transition is inevitably incorporated in the contexture of my motives. I accomplish functional communication through the fusion of educational and empirical, indicating the dissociation of formal intelligence on the one hand, and emotional and social intelligence on the other.
Describe your creative process.
It starts with a sentence, really. Whether I tell it out loud, or it occurred in my self-talk, in my dream, memory, there is always a sentence that starts the whole mental process behind every piece of my work. (And that sentence usually ends up being a title of the work it started) I start organizing in series, but not always I respect the initial concept, due to the universality of the subjects and their actuality in given context.  
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
As the starting point of all my works, stands the introspection. Since I have always been curious about our reactions on certain actions around/inside of us, I guess the necessity for a communication grew over the inspiration in my case.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Good art is the one that communicates on deep levels of (sub)conscious. The art that makes us move, act upon ourselves, the world. That encourages us to understand the different points of view, and process them in a constructive way. Good art is a good teacher.
What is the role of the artist today?
Artists should represent the worlds to those who cannot see. Whether it's a writer, a movie director, a musician or a painter, artist should open our minds toward the field they explore, they should engage us, because only when that communication, between the art and it's consumer, is established, can we talk about artwork.


This interview was published by Circle Foundation of the Arts. © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist

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