Philip Noyed

Born in: 1959, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lives in: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Media: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Film/analog photography, Digital Photography, Digital Media, Installation, Mixed media, Video, LED Lights, Acrylic Art, Virtual Reality

Describe your work in 3 words: Color Light Activation

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Skyfall - Lamda durantran print, acrylic, LED lights 4 x 3 ft

Philip Noyed creates luminous art that explores light, color and space in two and three dimensions. He combines the use of abstract photography, digital manipulation, acrylic fabrication, printing technologies, LED lights and VR to create innovative color and light experiences.

What themes does your work involve?
I create a series called "Geometric Illuminations" that uses abstract fractal photography mounted on acrylic and lit with LED lights or natural light to create sculptural forms. These geometric forms can be wall-mounted, free-standing or mobiles. My newer work is created as public art installations, light experiences and Virtual Reality experiences.
Describe your creative process.
My series is based on a radical reinterpretation of photography. I photograph my abstract paintings using a variety of unique, fast-action, slow shutter speeds and then digitally amplify and free sample the images: cutting, skewing, distorting and merging to form new geometric configurations. I use acrylic fabrication and LED lights to create the illuminated sculptural forms. I also explore the new: creating light art, video projections, mobiles, new materials, printing techniques and VR.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
Art provides a means of exploration and discovery. Technology keeps improving and providing new avenues of exploration - from using lights as a sculptural form to creating in Virtual Reality. I love to create art that is a transformational experience for viewers. I hope they are inspired and activated by the art I create.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Great art is transformational emotionally and intellectually for people experiencing the art, people of any age or background. Colors and light are frequencies and have the power to affect people both psychologically and physiologically. Great art creates great and memorable experiences that activate and inspire people. Great art also has a healing power.
What is the role of the artist today?
The role of the artist today is to be a pioneer riding the wave of technological advancements to create art in new ways. Create paintings that are 3D when seen with chromadepth glasses. Create Virtual Reality light experiences that people enter into. Use lights to create architectural forms. Use mirrors, acrylic, lights, dichroic film to create immersive experiences. Augment reality. Project videos as forms. Always pushing the creative and experience forward. Create art that activates.

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