Riitta Klint

Born in: 1961, Helsinki, Finland

Lives in: Fort Worth, Texas

Media: Painting

Describe your work in 3 words: Intuitive, Ethereal, Organic

See More Work:  https://www.riittaklint.com/

Nest - Acrylic and pencil on clayboard 36 x 48 in.

"My work is organic and abstract, my inspiration is wild untamed nature. In a continual transformation of material and medium, a magical alchemy occurs, inviting the viewer to return to pick up a new thread in a continuing conversation with the work. My work is ethereal, delicate and spiritual."

What themes does your work involve?
My paintings are my connection to the Earth. There is a sadness as I witness the loss of our last wild places. My work is an attempt to keep alive those places and offer my audience a sanctuary in which to reflect. The paintings are abstract yet reference nature from multiple perspectives; from a distance to deep within. My work embraces the interconnectedness of the physical realm with the spiritual realm in an elaborate tapestry of nature untamed, enchanting and rife with hidden secrets.
Describe your creative process.
I start my work with no particular predetermined idea about the outcome. I work on the table and allow my first layers of paint to pool and congeal. Within those first marks, I start to build structure, turning my panel in all directions I work it from multiple perspectives until one begins to stand out and then I go with it. I always work on many paintings at once and usually work in a series of a particular subject matter. My paintings are multilayered, lots of thin washes over thicker coats.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
Nature and our connection to the earth inspire me. I fear we continue to move away from that connection, and destroy the planet we live on. My art gives me a place to reflect and rejoice in the beauty around us. Many of my paintings are very abstracted landscapes where the viewer is seemingly on a threshold peering in. I make art as a healing mechanism for me and hopefully others.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
A great piece of art is one that moves the person looking at it. It could be feelings of love, anger, hatred etc, but it moved the person. A great piece of art I believe comes from the devoted artist, the one who has honed their skills, developed their unique message and style, honors the long history of art, and works hard to create their own unique vision.
What is the role of the artist today?
Art is my passion. I think the role of the artist is to communicate their vision in their own unique way. I believe my job is to make work with integrity, dedicated to making the best I can and continually evolve. I strive to communicate the power of intuition. We become increasingly disconnected from our inner wisdom, which threatens our human family, our human kindness and our Earth. If I can make even one person see, tap into, and trust their own gift of intuition I feel accomplished.

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