Q&A with Sinisha Kashawelski

"My art is predominantly based around realism, shrouded with elements of mystery which are coming from my inner world and sublime thinking. In many cases, the composition is set in a form of a rebus, with a desire to provoke the audience's imagination to unlock the true meaning of the story."

Je Crois En Progrès, - Oil on canvas 185 x 120 cm
Born in: 1969; Macedonia
Lives in: Kumanovo, Macedonia
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts at Faculty of Fine Arts-Skopje, Macedonia
Media: Painting
Describe your work in 3 words: Conglomerate of realism, mysticism, and harmony.
See More Work: www.kashawelski.co
Periculum In Mora - Oil on canvas 140 x 95 cm
CFA: What themes does your work deal with? 
S.K.: My themes are always different, and in the majority of the cases, they are in the function of my inner world. Every day brings a new theme, would it be in a form of a thought or a ray of light that penetrates through my soul. These components form the nucleus of what later develops as an idea that goes onto the canvas. This process has a strange and unpredictable flow. The individual pieces of the mosaic are all into their place forming a harmony that can be visualized by the eye of the audience.
CFA: Describe your creative process.
S.K.:  Everything starts with some kind of provocation which develops a desire to entertain it. While working on the mental sketch I get engaged into some mystical world, which sometimes is hard to explain. The idea born drags you slowly in and it opens the ways that lead to the end of the journey. By the time that this magic is happening, if you feel your true emotions and you manage to connect with the unknown cosmic vibrations, you are on the path to get a good piece of painting 
CFA: What influences your art? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
S.K.:  My art is predominately influenced by the desire to create and express myself through this unpredictable, magical process. The urge comes as an unknown sensation out of my feelings, dreams, and fears which are common to every human being. We all have our own mission in this vast universe. I feel that mine is to create pieces of art which I'd like to pass onto the others to enjoy. There's nothing better than to create and leave traces behind you that we'll speak later about your existence. 
CFA: What is art? What makes a piece of art great?
S.K.:  The art is the soul of our society and as such is responsible to bring some good vibrations and evoke positive feelings within the consciousness of the audience.  The greatness of some piece of art is recognized when it gets shared with the audiences irrespective of where and when it was originated. Once this state is reached, both the author and the creation have fulfilled their mission and are destined for timeless immortality.
CFA: What is the role of the artist today? 
S.K.:  The role of the artist today is to initiate a dialog within the society, to be a critique and to inspire positive changes for the wellbeing of every single individual. Sharing his/her ideas and positivity transpired onto their pieces of art it is an aspiration to add to the intercultural understanding around the world. 

" The variety of artistic expressions are a collection of magnificent creations that come from the known and unknown masters around the world."

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