Invited by the Colors of the Moon Team to create illustration art for a loving memorial for Laika


Tribute to Laika

I am honored to be personally invited by the Colors of the Moon Team to create illustration work for The Hidden Colors of the Moon Illustration, Photography and Digital Art contest and exhibition for the section of this contest that is intended to be a tribute to Laika.

Laika was a smart little dog whose real name was “Peanut”. She was launched into space on board SPUTNIK 2 on November 3, 1957.

Laika survived for 5 hours and then died of asphyxiation because of a technical failure.

In any case, a capsule for re-entry was not planned. After months of physical tortures of preparation, Laika was launched into space to die in fear and in loneliness.

The project MOON declares against using animals and human beings for scientific purposes.

The Tribute to Laika section is a loving memorial for Laika for all invited graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and digital artists taking part for “The Hidden Colors of the Moon” contest and exhibition to also if they wish to, participate by creating works for both sections, “The Colors of the Moon” and “Tribute to Laika”.

Title: Laika Tribute (version 5)
Media: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 30 inches wide by 40 inches high