İrfan Özince

"I work usually out of people and their behaviors. I chose an element and reproduce with it. I try to create my alphabet... I love to catch a harmony of colors and shapes. I have no plan and determine form. Every work comes in working. I like connotation and improvisation..."

Life - Mixed media marker on paper 25x40 cm

Turkish painter, İrfan Özince works on paper with pencils, acrylic, markets and mixed media. İrfan has had exhibitions in Turkey and in Europe as well as online including the 2015 İzmir Art Biennal and the 2016 Watertower Art Fest/Sofia as well as many more.

Passers by.... - Mixed media 30x30 cm
Look to street from above - Mixed media 30x30 cm
Crater - Marker on paper 25x25 cm
My society - Mixed media 30x30 cm

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