Irina Inozemtseva-Lopes

"I explore concepts about the construction of identity. Portraits are one of my main interests. My purpose is not to copy a person’s external appearance, but rather to create a portal for a journey of psychological research using the human faces and the human eyes."

Feeling III IN SILENCE - Oil on linen 73x100 cm

Irina Inozemtseva - Lopes, is an artist and an architect of Russian origin, born in Yalta. She holds a degree in Architecture which included study in Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, from the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. Irina has resided in Portugal since 1989 and is a member of the Portuguese Architect Professional Order.

Actively exercising her professional as a Municipal architect since 1990 her aim is to improve the living conditions for all people.

Parallel to her professional activity, Irina has been doing personal research and has chosen painting as a main form of expression. The research is performed through the technique of oil and acrylic. In the latest set of works, Irina Inozemtseva-Lopes explores concepts on the construction of identity. Actively showing work, she exhibits in national and international group and solo shows and her pieces can be found in private collections in Portugal.

Feeling XII ICE IN THE AIR - Oil on linen 102x195 cm
Feeling VI DISAPPOINTMENT - Acrylic on linen 73x100 cm
Feeling XI UNSURE - Oil on linen 110 x195 cm
Feeling IX MEMORY OF A LONE WOLF - Oil on linen 81x130 cm

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