Isabel Carafi

Italian-Argentine artist, born in Buenos Aires, Isabel Carafi has exhibited in Argentina, Canada (Montreal), China (Hong Kong, Shanghai), Croatia, Slovenia, France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Italy, USA (New York, Miami, Chicago) Spain, Barcelona, Germany, Austria, China, Russia.

The Winners - Mixed technique on canvas

Isabel Carafì boasts a rich curriculum, in her long career as a painter she has had the opportunity to travel and exhibit a bit everywhere, to confront the other by overcoming fears and breaking taboos. The choice of living in Trieste is therefore not quite random: middle ground, culture crossing, exchange, and friction. It is from her artistic production that the signs of the acquired and perhaps sometimes conflicting diversities emerge, of the search for that point of ancestral and decisive origin.

Carafì divides her existence between the South American and Eurasian continents. Born in Buenos Aires, she earned an Accademia di Belle Arti Diploma and moved to Italy 1980 to study at Accademia di Carrara.  The traits of her pictorial poetics are unmistakable: not pure depiction, not a simple abstraction but almost anthropological research. The subjects of her works mix the semiotic value of caricature, the taste for naif design, with contemporary architecture.

The Days After - Mixed technique on canvas
Metropolitan Music - Mixed technique on canvas
The Pyramid of the Past - Mixed technique on canvas
The Dancing - Mixed technique on canvas

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