Ivan Jones Artist

"My artworks are traditional and detailed, covering a wide range of subject matter. Whether animals, birds, landscapes, or portraits, the paintings are brought to life by layers of pastel giving a 3D effect to the completed artwork."

Hedgehog in the Ivy - Soft pastel and pastel pencils 13 x 9 in. (17.5 x 12.5 in. frame)

"I am a retired veterinary surgeon who has become a pastel artist. Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, I now live and work in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside. I was introduced to pastels as a teenager by a friend of my father’s and in fact, I still have remnants of my first set of pastels. I passed A-level art at 16, then went on to complete a veterinary science degree — my understanding of animals allows me to add that something extra to my artwork.

As a pastel artist, I feel that pastels have a great vibrancy and richness of colour that is often underappreciated. I work largely from photographs and undertake commission work as well as create detailed artwork in a wide range of subject matter. I like to give each piece a three-dimensional effect and detail is of importance to me - each 12in by 16in artwork takes me 25 to 30 hours to complete. 

I have completed a large number of artworks in the past 19 years, many of which can be seen on my website. I admire the work of many artists including the Impressionists, Pre-Raphaelites, David Shepherd, Simon Coombes and many of my contemporaries. I have exhibited widely in Herefordshire and elsewhere, and will be opening my home studio during Herefordshire Art Week, September 4th to 12th 2021."

Longtailed tit on seed head - Soft pastel and pastel pencils 13 x 9 in. (17.5 x 12.5 in. frame)
Harvest Hare - Soft pastel and pastel pencils, 11 x 15 in. (18 x 22 in. frame)
Scottish landscape with reflections - Soft pastel and pastel pencils 14 x 19 in. (19 x 24 in. frame)
Foxy Lady - Soft pastel and pastel pencils 11 x 15 in. (18 x 22 in. frame)

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