"They say art imitates life, I have a great eye in capturing my surroundings, my photos imitate my surroundings. What I capture in the moment, I bring it to life. The photos I capture are symbolical and metaphorical because they represent the essence of life."

Better Dayz

Derrick Whaley, also known as iVision, was born and raised in Baltimore. His journey into the realm of photography commenced during his high school years. However, it was during his college days that he truly delved into this passion. Enrolling in a digital photography class proved to be a pivotal moment, one that deepened his appreciation for the art. Since then, Derrick has remained committed to his craft and has never looked back. He acquired his first camera during that period and subsequently began utilizing his iPod as an additional camera source. This choice was driven by its ease of use, convenience, and the ever-evolving technological advancements in the world of photography. For Derrick, creativity knows no bounds, and he continues to explore the limitless possibilities within the field.

Fresh, original and unafraid, the photographic art of Derrick Whaley, also known iVision explores innovative ways to process original captures. 

His portfolio showcases a diverse range of works, from monochromatic studies, intricate close-ups of trees and branches and op-art shapes and patterns to vibrant, abstract compositions that seemingly leap from the "canvas," with a dynamic and uplifting energy.

In his latest series, "In Your Face," Derrick's art can be paralleled to the bold and expressive canvases of Jackson Pollock. With a beautiful fusion of colors, his digitally applied marks are seamlessly blended together, resulting in intricate artworks which exude a powerful vitality. Reds dominate the canvas while the cooler blue, purple and green tones in the background providing a solid basis. The compositions bring to mind images of complex nervous systems or high-tech representations of obscure networks, delivering an exhilarating visual experience that captivates the viewer's gaze, drawing their attention to the center of the composition. 

Derrick Whaley's work demonstrates the vast creative potential that digital media and processes offer to artists unafraid to explore new avenues. His art showcases his adept and skillful use of these technologies. I'm excited to follow the ongoing evolution of his captivating digital creations.”
- Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Circle Foundation for the Arts

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Shapes & Patterns #1
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