J.F. Ellman

"Paintings from my Youth, the San Francisco Bay, landscapes from Marin. People from Snapshot Photos, from living in The City, after College."

"Sunbathing" 24"x 15" Acrylic Painting

"Painting most of my life, enjoy sharing the beauty of the Bay Area. A successful auction of Swim Team Posters, in 1969, The Art Club in High School, and my Split major between Art and Physics in Linfield College, OR. Transferred to KCAI in 1973, where I enjoyed working in the Studio situation, Painting for days on end! Most of my work I sent back to the Midwest for the Alumni Auctions in the Summer. Currently working Smaller and in my Home, a more intricate and smoother style."

J.F. Ellman is an American painter living in San Francisco, California. His work covers a diverse body of themes.

"D"Divisadero St. Senior Citizen" 8.5 x11 small wooden frame, Pentel Pen
"Resentment" or the "Yellow Hat" 23' x23" Acrylic Painting
Pencil Sketch of "Resentment" 11" x14" Prep work for Painting
"Grandma's Chair" 8.5" x 11" Wooden frame Pencil with colored ink.

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