J Nakashima

“My work reveals my inner life, and I am trying to make tangible how I experience nature, feelings, and concerns in this incredible world we live in.”

Intermezzo - Paper, ink, gel mediums, glue 70 x 37 in.
Nocturne 1 - Paper, ink, gel medium, glue 70 x 37 in.
Largo - Paper, ink, gel mediums 70 x 40 in.
Chorale 1 - Paper, ink, gel medium, glue 70 x 40 in.

Third-generation Japanese-American, J Nakashima grew up in California and resides in Sacramento. She holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Her intricate mixed media works are built-ups of delicate textures and precisely juxtaposed forms that produce unique patterns in toned down neutral palettes paired with bolder hues of blues and reds. The artist’s hand is present and the works have a painterly quality yet order and a fine balance seem to guide the viewer’s eye across the elongated verticality of each piece.

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