Jackson Lee Kwong Tim

“Being an artist, I can spread the positive energy to the audience through my artwork. As each of them would convey a symbolic theme of “Hong Kong in a Better Light” such as Mutual Help, Fight Alongside and Upstream, Downstream, etc. This is the best achievement I have ever experienced.”

Solid Foundation - Acrylic on artboard 66 x 91 cm

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jackson Lee Kwong Tim where he feels at home with family, friends and memories, all deeply relevant and integral to his identity. “To reciprocate the love, care and support that this community has provided for me, I would like to preserve the legacy of Hong Kong to show its vital spirit through my paintings.”

Installation Art 2 (Pipe and Pipe 2) - Acrylic on artboard 38 x 50 cm
The Marks of Time - Acrylic on artboard 50 x 38 cm
Mutual Help, 2014 - Acrylic on artboard 91 x 66 cm
Striving for Excellence - Acrylic on art board 66 x 91 cm

“I worked with acrylic painting when I was in Hong Kong Polytechnic. After graduation from my Design & Illustration course in 1984, I went into the advertising field and didn’t pick up a paint brush for over 30 years!  With my wife’s encouragement in 2014, I had painted a series of  “Hong Kong in a Better Light” within 18 months and launched my roving exhibition during 2015-7. Frankly speaking, I am not yet a professional artist, but I would continue to paint another series in order to extend the theme of “Hong Kong in a Fresh Light”. My hope is that people can see the positive reflection of Hong Kong through my productions.”

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