JAM is the acronym for the artist Michel Boisvert’s three first names. He was born in Rouyn-Noranda Quebec, Canada, in 1948 and creates sculpture and painting with more than 50 exhibitions in his 45-year long career.

In March of 2018, JAM exhibited in New York with a sound projection on a Chelsea wall. He is the author of several books on creativity in the field of visual art. https://www.blurb.ca/user/photopatate

JAM distinguished himself as a sculptor technician on projects with other artists, producing the works. He has established himself in the field as the creator of monumental sculpture projects include a public square. Another important accomplishment as a director of decorative art projects, JAM's portfolio includes international clients like Lavalin.

JAM has been working for over 45 years on his personal portfolio by exploring, writing and producing with a variety of materials, sculpture for research and social involvement projects.

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